As per the Oregon Health Authority’s (OHA) new testing requirements all marijuana items must be sampled and tested according to

The OHA is responsible for Cannabis testing rules that apply to both the medical and retail market. Any marijuana or marijuana product intended to be sold at a dispensary or retail shop must have been sampled and tested according to the testing rules.

Cascadia Labs has taken all regulatory steps for both recreational and medical marijuana towards certifying your products for distribution including obtaining our OLCC License and ORELAP accreditation. ORELAP ID: 4077 – 001 issued on September 19th, 2016.

Mission Statement

Cascadia Labs is Oregon’s premier cannabis-centric science-based organization offering industry leading analytical services that meet the most demanding regulatory and business requirements with integrity and consistency. Cascadia Labs management team has over two hundred years combined experience in analytical, horticulture, pharmaceutical and food sciences being applied exclusively to cannabis sciences since the inception of the regulated cannabis market in Oregon. Our services will support your success with defensible data for regulatory compliance and brand protection, while providing a foundation of solid data to base critical business decisions on in rapidly emerging and dynamic markets.