What We Offer

Cannabinoid Potency

Oregon’s first laboratory offering HPLC and UPLC technology for cannabinoid potency. All cannabinoid calibrations utilize ISO 9001 certified reference materials. Every test report includes all the major cannabinoids, never an extra charge for the elevated profile.

Terpenoid Potency

Cannabis has a rich diversity of terpenoids that impart unique fragrance and flavor characteristics, dependent on the make-up and concentration of each terpenoid in a particular varietal. We have deployed a GC-FID method to successfully quantitate over thirty terpenoids using ISO 9001 certified reference materials. With our GC-MS we are able to tentatively identify compounds against our extensive spectral libraries.

Pesticide Residues

We make available a robust GC-MS method in compliance with Oregon Administrative Rule Chapter 333, Section 8. This method covers over 25 target pesticides contained within the four categories outlined in OAR. We have also made available a LC-QQQ multi-residue method that screens for pesticides not contained in current OAR but are known to be readily available and used for cannabis cultivation.

Residual Solvents

Cascadia Labs has put to work the most advanced equipment configuration in the State of Oregon to identify and quantitate: extraction solvents, toxic solvent impurities, and other additives present in certain extract products. Our methodology is based on an internationally recognized standard (ICH Q3), and applies lower limits for the most toxic contaminants.

Process Development/Validation

Our methodology has undergone extensive validation for each of the multiple matrices encountered across modern marketplace of cannabinoid infused food and drink products. We have worked with leading manufactures to develop, scale up, and assure consistent concentration of active ingredients across large batches of infused products.